The Members’ dining room is situated at the same floor level as the Members’ Meeting room; it has large windows with a remarkable view over the sea.

It is open Monday to Saturday : 09:30 – 23.30

On Sundays during the winter period, at lunch time, a buffet service is proposed for the members and their friends at the price of 30,00 euros /person (beverages not included). During the week the restaurant proposes a menu à la carte with dishes based on Greek specialties and on the personal experience of the Chef Mr. G. Moschovakis who prepares and presents them in a modern fashion. The specialties of the Club’s restaurant respect always the traditional (classic) tastes.

Fresh fish commands should be addressed at least a day before.


The new and constantly renewed list of dishes and beverages is a guarantee of quality at attractive prices for the Club’s Members and their friends.

The pleasant and civilized surroundings of the Members’ dining room, in relation with the unique splendid view of the sea, matching with the selected music, constitute an added value to the feast and gourmet environment, which is accentuated by the high level services of our experienced personnel. All the above compose a privileged place where it is charming for Members to enjoy themselves and invite their friends.

Contact / telephone: 210.4133108 & 210.4133489



The upper floor of the Club’s building provides room for mass activities of the Club’s Members and their friends. There are available the “Sea-fights A and B” rooms with a capacity of 15 to 200 seated people. The “Winds” Room has a capacity of 160 seated people and, in summer time, it integrates the veranda area to sum up a space that could receive 220 persons.

In those rooms /halls are organized receptions, diners and suppers, lunch or evening buffets, cocktail parties, afternoon or breakfast coffee breaks.
The restaurant-manager Mr. Th.Papadimitriou is always available for the Members and their friends to reply and clear up any procedural question: he is responsible for the organization and realization of the collective banquets; his rule is always the respect of the Members’ and their friends’ desire.

The executive Chef Mr. Moschovakis, in collaboration with the restaurant-manager, takes personally care of the menus and applies all his long experience – in Greece and abroad – to satisfy even the most demanding clientele.

The cost of such activities varies according the demands and prerequisites and covers a great range of budgets. (offers a lot of financial possibilities).

Contact / telephone: 210.4133108 & 210.4133489